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Being a business owner comes along with many responsibilities—one being able to manage the many aspects that can go wrong within a company on a daily basis. Harmon-McClintic Insurance provides Business Insurance to many different organizations in White, Carrol, Jasper, Cass, and Tippecanoe Counties. Harmon-McClintic Insurance works with businesses from tradesmen and contractors to dentists  and lawyers.

Whether you are a long-standing business owner or a new venture ready to get your share of the market, we can help your business with the following programs:



Commercial Property Insurance will protect your businesses property from fire damage, vandalism, burglary, burst pipping, and more. Things such as tornadoes and floods are not covered by this type of Business Insurance unless it is added to the policy.



Commercial Liability Insurance provides financial protection from loss due to your business being found liable for damage either, personal or property, caused by you business, your employees, or your services.


Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation will cover the cost of your employees medical expenses and a portion of their lost wages if they become injured or ill on the job. This will also include rehabilitation and death benefits.


Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto Insurance will protect from physical damage and liability that your Personal Auto Insurance does not cover. This insurance policy will protect your business vehicles, the employees operating them, and possibly what is inside the vehicle.


Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance will cover lost income when you have to close your business for a limited time due to something out of your control. Property Insurance will cover damaged property but not you and your employees lost incomes. This type of Business Insurance will cover the amount you would have earned, the expense to move your business to a temporary location, and the normal operating cost.


Business Crime Insurance

Business Crime Insurance is a policy that will protect the business from business related crime. Some examples of these crimes are embezzlement, misrepresentation, theft, robbery, or fraud. This protects cash, property, assets, and merchandise.


Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Umbrella Insurance Coverage add more protection to Liability Insurance. If your business has to pay a certain amount and your Liability Insurance does not cover it, an Umbrella Insurance Coverage policy will cover the rest. This is not a stand alone policy and needs to go along with another liability policy.



Bond Insurance is a policy for a bond issuers. What it does is it guarantees the repayment of the principal,  and all of the associated interest payments to the bondholders in the event of default.



Cyber Insurance protects your business’s liability from data breaches concerning sensitive information such as, social security numbers, account numbers, credit card numbers, health records, and driver’s license numbers. General Liability Insurance will not cover these kinds of liabilities.





If you want more information on any of these types of Business Insurance please stop in and talk to one of our salesmen. Our experts can go over your business model and discuss the different Business Insurance plans with you and find out which you should have and what works best. If you have a unique business or unusual insurance need, we like a good challenge. Contact us today for a custom insurance plan that fits your commercial needs!

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