How to Save Money on Car Insurance

How to Save Money on Car Insurance   While price this is not what drives how we operate our office, we know this is a huge factor when you consider what insurance to buy. Remember as you are looking at saving money that you are also looking at not cutting coverage, which is the driving…

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Because You Asked: I’ve heard the saying…

Because You Asked: I’ve heard the saying, “If you don’t know jewelry, know your jeweler”, but isn’t insurance all the same? From time to time Monica and I get away from the office to sandy sunny destinations. I’m always amazed at the super great deals we see in the straw markets at some of these…

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Because You Asked: Do I have Enough Insurance?

Because You Asked: “Do I have Enough Insurance?” To be honest, I don’t know if you have enough. I don’t even know if you are paying for more coverage than you need. But let’s ask ourselves a couple of questions before we dive deep into finding these answers.  I often hear people talk about ‘full…

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AGENCY SPOTLIGHT: 2021 COLLEGE GRADUATES     If you can’t take pride in your kids, then who can you take pride in? We are not ashamed to say that we are so proud of all our kids. Everyday of the week someone could walk in our doors and ask any one of us here in…

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BECAUSE YOU ASKED: “What does that mean?”

BECAUSE YOU ASKED: “What Does That Mean?“   We are always here to answer insurance questions that come our way. We do not answer questions when we don’t know, with absolute certainty, that what we are sharing, is the truth. When asked about the specifics of a policy, Chris often says, “If we cannot put…

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